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StrigAway Puts a Hex on Witchweed

Striga, also known as witchweed, is a parasitic weed that infests up to 50 million hectares of sub-Saharan African land. In Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda alone, striga infests over one million hectares of farmland. The weed causes farmers to lose anywhere from a third to one hundred percent of their staple crops, leading to hunger and financial hardship for as many as 100 million people. Traditional approaches to controlling Striga include crop rotation, intercropping, and various other planting techniques.


Striga weed affecting production in Western Kenya

Striga or witch weed remains the biggest threat to food security in western Kenya, and to make matters worse, the witch weed is now spreading to highland areas like Kisii and Nyamira counties, according to experts.

Caleb Adede, the project officer of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) however says all is not lost following the introduction of maize varieties resistant to the lethal weed.


Seed companies in Kenya and Tanzania receive seed treaters to boost Striga maize seed processing

Freshco Seeds in Kenya and Tanseed International Ltd in Tanzania were the proud recipients of seed treaters acquired through the Striga Control in Maize project to boost their production of StrigAway Imazapyr Resistant maize seed. The seed treaters which were installed and launched in September 2014 bring efficiency in coating the maize seed with the Imazapyr herbicide which controls Striga weed infestation in maize.


Tanseed commissions treater to process seed for controlling Striga weed infestation in maize in Tanzania

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Nancy Muchiri (, +254 20 4223700/254 735 992 206)
Isaka Mashauri (, +255 784 352 412)


Freshco Seeds commissions treater to process seed for controlling Striga weed infestation in maize in Kenya

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Nancy Muchiri -; +254 20 4223700 / 735 992 206
Captain James Karanja -; +254 0722 5169 53


Scientists battle striga

Scientists in the region are battling Striga (witchweed) that has affected the productivity of staple foods such as maize, sorghum, millet and rice in the eastern part of the country.  

The most affected areas are mainly, Tororo, Moyo, Bugiri, Busia, Budaka and Iganga.

Farmers bordering Uganda on Kenyan side and Tanzania have also been affected by the Striga weed. Seed systems manager of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), Dr. Gospel Omanya said that over 100,000 hectares of land has been affected by the striga weed in Uganda.


African agricultural technology foundation (AATF) receives Feed the Future funding to improve maize production in East Africa


Contact: Nancy Muchiri ( +254 20 4223700/254 735 992 206)

Partnership project to upscale commercialisation of technology to control Striga weed infestation in maize launched


New initiative to upscale commercialisation of anti-striga weed in maize technology launched

Written by Raymond Gichuki

A new initiative has been launched to upscale use of commercialisation of StrigAwayTM – an herbicide-resistant seed and treatment – to improve productivity and competitiveness of smallholder maize farmers.

The initiative funded by the USAID brings together the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) and Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation through a programme


Journalists in Kenya engage project scientists on Striga control

Simplicity of language, availability as experts and continuous engagement with journalists were some of the key issues discussed during a two-day workshop involving Striga Control in Maize project scientists and media held in June 2013 in Kisumu. Bureau chiefs of key media houses met with scientists involved in Striga control initiatives to share ideas on how to improve awareness on the effects of the weed and on available control technologies.


Striga weed endangers maize crop in Nyanza - NTV

Researchers have raised the alarm over a weed they claim could reduce maize yields in the country by half, possibly affecting the country's food supply. Striga spreads fast and was recently seen in the rift valley ... Follow link to view video clip



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