Tanseed produces witch weed resistant seeds

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By In2EastAfrica Reporter

Tanseed International Limited has introduced maize seed varieties that can help in destroying witch weeds that have been affecting the production of more than 1.7 tonnes of maize throughout the country every year.

Tanseed Director,  Mr Isaka Mashauri told ‘Daily News’ during Nanenane exhibition at Eastern Zone (J.K Nyerere Grounds) that his seed company is working hard in conducting research which will enable  them coming up with seeds that will suit the Tanzanian environment.

He said the problem of witch weeds is in more than eleven regions in the country and it affects the production of maize but if farmers use maize seeds known as Komesha kiduha (TAN 222-Imazapyr resistant) it has power to destroy the weeds. “Tanseed possesses and offers unique maize technologies that provide solutions to farmers’ serious constraints in production process because we want to make sure farmers in Tanzania are getting what is proper for their soil type so as to increase production,” he said.

Mr Mashauri said the company produces different maize, sunflower, beans, sesame and paddy (rice) seeds that suits in different soil types and diverse weather conditions and they can grow in a very short time. He said Tanseed has produced paddy seeds which cannot be affected by birds and they have different maize seeds including drought tolerant, nutrition enhanced and  Imazapyr resistant (weeds resistance) whereby all those types grow up within 3 to 4 months.

He said the company is aiming at contributing to modernization agriculture by producing high quality seeds of variety crops which will suit the climatic change and the soil situation. “Tanseed also undertakes seed promotion and provide training to farmers on the importance of using improved seeds instead of using local seeds and they will see the difference in production,” he said.

Mr Mashauri has called the government to cooperate with them in launching the national witch weeds campaign so as to increase maize production.

By AMINA JUMA, Tanzania Daily News

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