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Latest News

Seed companies in Kenya and Tanzania receive seed treaters to boost Striga maize seed processing

Freshco Seeds in Kenya and Tanseed International Ltd in Tanzania were the proud recipients of seed treaters acquired through the Striga Control in Maize project to boost their production of StrigAway Imazapyr Resistant maize seed. The seed treaters which were installed and launched in September 2014 bring efficiency in coating the maize seed with the Imazapyr herbicide which controls Striga weed infestation in maize.


Journalists in Kenya engage project scientists on Striga control

Simplicity of language, availability as experts and continuous engagement with journalists were some of the key issues discussed during a two-day workshop involving Striga Control in Maize project scientists and media held in June 2013 in Kisumu. Bureau chiefs of key media houses met with scientists involved in Striga control initiatives to share ideas on how to improve awareness on the effects of the weed and on available control technologies.


Striga weed endangers maize crop in Nyanza - NTV

Researchers have raised the alarm over a weed they claim could reduce maize yields in the country by half, possibly affecting the country's food supply. Striga spreads fast and was recently seen in the rift valley ... Follow link to view video clip


Weed machine for Victoria Basin

By Manuel Odeny

More than 300,000 farmers at the Lake Victoria basin will benefit from a new machine to control the Striga weed. The machine, Ua Kayongo H1, laces the maize seed with a herbicide called strigaway that controls the deadly weed. The machine was handed over to the Kenya Seed Company after a research a joint research by Integrated Striga Management in Africa, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre, BASF and the African Agricultural Technology Foundation.


Africa: Feeding the Planet by Leveling the Plowing Field for Women

In 1900, there were a mere 1.6 billion people on our planet. Today [March 2012], there are seven billion and by 2050 we will be nine billion. One would expect that with such rapid population growth, occurring in the midst of soaring food prices and food-related crises, we would be doing everything we could to increase food security for our most vulnerable people.


Farmers to benefit from Striga resistant maize variety

More than 300,000 farmers in western Kenya vulnerable to parasitic Striga weed, locally known as "kwekwe", have a reason to smile.

This follows the unveiling of the Sh3 million equipment at the Kenya Seed Company (KSC) to produce Striga-resistant maize seeds. The equipment was donated Integrated Striga Management in Africa.

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