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Striga Control in Maize - Managing a Cereal Killer

Striga (witchweed) is a parasitic weed that seriously constrains the productivity of staples such as maize, sorghum, millet and upland rice in Sub-Saharan Africa. The weed survives by siphoning off water and nutrients from the crops for its own growth. It causes serious damage to its host... Read more

Striga in the Media

Striga, also known as witchweed, is a parasitic weed that infests up to 50 million hectares of...

Striga or witch weed remains the biggest threat to food security in western Kenya, and to make...

Latest News

Freshco Seeds in Kenya and Tanseed International Ltd in Tanzania were the proud recipients of seed treaters acquired through the Striga Control in Maize project to boost their production of StrigAway Imazapyr Resistant maize seed. The seed treaters which were installed and launched in September 2014 bring efficiency in coating the

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